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Food for Thought Friday: The Plan

Today at her blog Keeping Her Cool, Colleen writes about how plans fit (or don’t fit) into the pregnancy and postpartum phases. Check it out here.

Your Birth Plan. At Welcome Baby Care we definitely encourage pregnant moms to have a birth plan and a postpartum plan. But as Colleen says, “Birth is possibly one of the most profound lessons in losing control.” Making a plan is not primarily so that you can then move heaven and earth to execute it perfectly. It’s so that you will have taken the opportunity to write out what your ideal would look like.

You could have the whole delivery scripted—water birth with only dad in the room, soothing music and a doula rubbing your back and feeding you plump grapes, but then suddenly you’re delivering on a major Minneapolis thoroughfare during rush hour. So much for plan A. But having a plan A, and a Plan B and maybe even a plan C will help you roll with the punches as you go through your delivery, and transition into your new normal. Knowing what you want, and what you’ll be willing to accept, is important and it sets you up for flexibility and resilience. Have the plan but hold it with loose grips.

Your Postpartum Plan. And don’t forget to do a little planning beyond the delivery milestone. Colleen captures it well: “I often wonder why there is so much talk of birth plans, and very little (to none) about postpartum plans. Perhaps once the main event (the grand exit) is over, we think we’ll just naturally grow into our parenting role. That is, after all, what the culture expects. And yet, when you stop and really listen to women and men talk about their first days with their children in their homes, it sounds anything but natural… The postpartum plan is a plan I can get behind.”

Here are a few resources to help you get thinking about your plans A, B, C…

Postpartum 411 classes detail what to expect after the blessed event. Taught by Welcome Baby Care doulas, these classes prepare you for postpartum life and show you how to set up a plan that will work for you and your family. For more information see here.

PregnancyToday.com takes you through the questions you should ask as you are preparing for labor and delivery. Set up your own custom birth plans with the resources here.

MommyTracked.com has great planning resources and templates that you can print and use. Click here.

How did you plan? Did you? What worked? Share your stories and tips with our readers in the comments section!

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