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Give Me a D!

By Doula Karen

natural vitamin D supplementD for doula? Nope. I’m talking vitamin D — which most of you have heard ALL about by now. Pediatricians, doulas, chiropractors and health magazines often tout the use of vitamin D drops for baby. Especially if Mama is breastfeeding, especially here in Minnesota.

While breast milk is nature’s superfood, giving Baby everything they need to thrive in the first year and beyond, it is not high in vitamin D. During a Minnesota winter, when the days are short and often grey, vitamin D supplementation can be especially important. Why is that? The most natural source of vitamin D is the sun.

I have a favorite way to supplement vitamin D that gives a nice dose of vitamin A as well…

Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

I know…it sounds gross and way too alternative and weird and stinky and torturous and all that, but bear with me. When mixed with a little lemon or taken quickly, it’s really no big deal and it’s SO good for you. It also comes in capsules — easy. It’s the NATURAL way to supplement, rather than most vitamin D products which are synthetic.

Nursing mamas taking this supplementation will give it to Baby through the milk.

It’s important that the cod liver oil is naturally fermented in the traditional preparation. This way, the oil is not damaged by high heat.

Boost your mood and immune system as we approach winter!


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