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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

My Go-To Soothing Tricks for Fussy Babies

By Doula Gretchen

Does Baby seem inconsolable? Just go down this list! Something is bound to work!

  1. Bouncing and ShushingSimultaneously. Also, babies seem to like the bouncing to be more vigorous than we might think — nothing so wild that it would harm them of course, just a significant amount of motion.
  2. Change of SceneryDifferent corner of the room, upstairs from down, over to a window. Change it up!
  3. Running WaterHanging near the washing machine, the dishwasher or sink seems to create that shushing womb sound. Babies also like watching running water and feeling it with their hands. Help them explore!
  4. SwaddleIt’s a classic for a reason. Perfect for an overtired babe who just can’t settle down!
  5. Babywearing and SingingFor a doula, this means “whistle while you work.” It’s fun to sing your favorite songs to Baby!
  6. Changing Table SpaLet Baby hang out for a while at the diaper change, supervised of course! Air it all out, let the little feet kick freely, sing some songs. This is a good time for a quick washcloth bath, Baby friendly lotion and transition to PJs. 

Happy soothing, Parents! And hey — we LOVE to learn from you too! What are your go-to tricks?

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