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Grow Green! Plant With Your Kids.

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

OK, so we admittedly become a bit obnoxious this time of year—shouting out about eco friendly parenting and our Growing Green Babies festival. The truth is that we really look forward to this event. It’s fun, it’s functional, and with the inclusion of the Great Cloth Diaper Change…it’s Guiness World Record Breaking! So we get a little excited.

And why not? In our fast paced, Facebook, text text, call call, punch buttons, Google it environment, it is NICE to meet face to face to share a laugh or a cookie or a cause. It is LOVELY to think about the color green—what it means to the Earth both literally and metaphorically.

So. Growing Green Babies! It’s coming. And we’re thinking green thoughts. Planting with your kids? A super cool idea.

You don’t need to be a master gardener or even have much experience at all to delve into a family planting project. As in life, sometimes your labors yield fruit, and sometimes frustration. That said, with a little love and sunshine, something usually grows from the effort.

Kids love digging into the dirt and catching a stray worm, selecting seeds, and eating real strawberries from the backyard.  It’s so good for them to feel the soil and fresh air.  It’s good for them to show patience—to wait and watch, feel either elation or disappointment.

You might be keen on the idea, in theory, but wonder where to begin. What seeds? What time of year? How? When?

Our advice to you: just wing it! Go cheap, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. Pumpkins, sunflowers, pole beans, and watermelons provide drama. Cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and berries allow the satisfaction of a pick and eat experience. Flowers are beautiful and varied and somewhat unpredictable. All great choices to inspire a little natural wonder. Just pick up a pack of seeds, a flat, or some bulbs and go for it.

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