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Have Sling, Will Travel!

Babywearing — or the use of a carrier, wrap or sling to easily carry Baby close — is not only wonderful for the big family vacation, but for “traveling” about town as well. Whether around the house, en route to the park or through the grocery store, parents enjoy the many benefits of moving with Baby securely attached.

8 Reasons Why Babywearing is Awesome:

  1. Convenience!  We’re talking hands-free ATTENTIVE parenting. You can get the dishes done! 
  2. Soothing.  Overtired and cranky? Colic for days? This often does the trick! 
  3. Tummy Troubles.  Gas and acid reflux are ameliorated by wearing Baby upright after meals. 
  4. Stuffy Noses.  Baby’s first cold? Upright helps keep the fluids flowing in the right direction (have a burp cloth handy) and helps them breathe. Double this benefit by rocking the carrier in a steamy bathroom. 
  5. Bonding.  Encourages attachment between parent and child. It’s instinct to stay close! 
  6. Biology.  Babies have disorganized little bodies and depend on the parents to “wire” them through touch, smell and togetherness. Heartbeats and breathing patterns are regulated through closeness. 
  7. Preemie Care.  Premature infants THRIVE on touch, which they often get too little of if hooked up to various devices in the NICU. Keeping them close as much as you can is a great way to boost health and teach temperature regulation. 
  8. The Milky Stuff.  Babywearing, once mastered, provides ease in on-the-go breastfeeding. It also encourages frequent nursing and boosts Mom’s milk supply.

Keep bonding and carry on!!

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