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Paced Bottle-Feeding

Paced bottle-feeding is a method with the goal of creating an intake flow most similar to breastfeeding, but it is not just for families bottle-feeding expressed breast milk. Paced bottle-feeding is the best method for formula fed babies as well, because the slower pace is…

Breastfeeding 101:  Latch and Positioning

Breastfeeding 101: Latch and Positioning

When it comes to most things parenting, we discourage striving for “perfection.” Instead, we’re quite fond of wonderfully unique imperfections — flaws are human, after all, and humans make the best parents! When it comes to your breastfeeding latch and hold, however, “perfect” is the…

10 AWESOME Breastfeeding Facts

10 AWESOME Breastfeeding Facts

1. Breastfeeding helps you get back in shape! The metabolic energy needed to breastfeed ONE baby each day is the same amount you’d use on a 7-mile walk! 2. Good health for Mama AND Baby! It reduces Mom’s risk of breast cancer, as well as…