Lactation Help Leads to Calm, Confident Breastfeeding

Lactation Help

Lactation counseling? But isn’t breastfeeding supposed to be the most natural thing in the world?

Lactation help has become the new mom’s little lifesaver. It’s one of the great misconceptions that things that are so-called “natural” are, by their nature, simple, intuitive and easy to do. However, having been up close and personal with thousands of moms, we’re here to tell you, “natural” does not equal easy, especially when it comes to breastfeeding for the first time.

lactation help

This misconception can end up doing a lot of damage, as women who struggle to breastfeed successfully following delivery wonder if they’re doing something wrong, or if they’re somehow inadequate. This is definitely not the case.

Lactation Help

Keep this in mind: back in the olden days, young women grew up in communities where pregnancy, birth, and babies were constants. That means they learned all the tricks by watching and being taught by their mothers, female relatives, and neighbors. Today, however, many new moms have never even babysat, let alone observed the mechanics of breastfeeding a newborn. So, often a little assistance is needed. And this is completely normal.

What a Lactation Counselor Does

Breastfeeding is simple in the sense that it doesn’t involve a lot of complex parts or activities, but as you’ve probably already found out, it’s a whole lot more than just sticking Baby in front of the breast. There’s the hold, the latch, timing, scheduling, milk supply, pumping and the question of formula supplementation.

Lactation help

Lactation counseling looks at each of these elements, helping you to troubleshoot any problem areas, while providing the education and pro tips you need to breastfeed successfully and continue doing so as long as you choose. Think of your Lactation Counselor as your wisest support and biggest cheerleader.

How Lactation Help Helps Mom & Baby

As we all know, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And we’d extend that to say, if she isn’t calm, those around her won’t be either, and that includes the very one she wants to keep calm: Baby. When moms find their nursing groove, they feel confident. They relax. Breastfeeding stops being a chore and becomes an experience to enjoy.

lactation help

At Welcome Baby Care, it’s our goal to get you there. For more information about our specialized Lactation Services, give us a call today.

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