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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Lactation Visit: Pure Joy

By Lactation Counselor,  Lisa Erbes

photo 3-2This week, I had an incredible three hour in-home lactation consult with a sweet couple and their 5 day old baby.  This family had gone through 18months of infertility treatments and two devastating pregnancy losses before welcoming Baby T, their self-proclaimed “miracle baby.”  Their joy in parenting him was palpable–I have never met a family SO happy to be hungry, sleep deprived, unwashed and overwhelmed. 

As Mama told me her birth story, she smiled thru the whole thing.  She loved every minute, every contraction, every push.  She told me that she was in love with breastfeeding her baby, and that she finally “got” why mothers do this.  Her plan, she told me, was to lay him in his bassinet twice a day….because that is all she could bear to put him down for!   This baby lives in his parents arms! Just exactly as it should be!

I have never seen a family so grateful for a child. Mama had slept only 5 hours in the previous 48, yet had so much positive energy it was infectious!  Everything about this mama made me want to shout from the rooftops how wonderful motherhood is.  Baby T’s Mama couldn’t stop smiling, and as I left her home, neither could I!

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