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Massage for Moms

postpartum massageThe ubiquitous New Year’s push toward better health and wellness doesn’t stop at joining the gym or trying out prenatal yoga. Rest, relaxation and pleasure are — of course — part of the picture as well.

Like yoga, massage offers the new or expectant mother a little slice of “me time” and a much overdue deep breath. This is the ultimate in self-care and while many mothers see it as a luxury, the health benefits are so numerous that we hope it catches on as a necessity…

Benefits of Prenatal Massage:

  • Reduction of edema, or swelling.
  • Improvement of sciatic nerve pain, common in pregnant women.
  • Reduced back pain — caused by carrying the extra weight.
  • Better circulation, which will help with muscles cramps.
  • Better sleep — pregnancy is often a time for insomnia!
  • Reduced stress and anxiety. Most expectant mamas are at least a little bit nervous about having a baby!

Benefits of Postpartum Massage:

  • Hormone regulation — particularly cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Partial treatment of postpartum mood disorders — massage also balances the hormones associated with depression (dopamine and serotonin) in addition to getting the troubled mama out of her head and into her body.
  • Touch and care for Mama to restore her ability to provide constant touch and care for Baby.
  • Improved breastfeeding through relaxation.
  • Pain reduction following pregnancy, labor and/or C-section.
  • Stress reduction — our wonderful newborns do cause worry and stress!

It is important to find a professional massage therapist SPECIFICALLY TRAINED in prenatal and/or postpartum massage.

Doula tip:  This much needed “luxury” need not break the bank. There are many reasonably priced therapists who offer discounts when you buy a package of sessions. Also try Groupon for some great spa and wellness deals.

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