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A Note From Your Doula: Good Night, Sleep RIGHT

By Doula Jen

407341_377450908947543_792643643_nHey Sweet Mamas and Papas,

Needed to drop in with a LOOOOOVE note about our latest WBC Class:  Good Night, Sleep Right: Understanding Infant Sleep Birth to 12 Months.

I recently took the class with my fellow doulas and WOW. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Lisa Erbes, who I have worked beside for many years now, absolutely blew me away with this one. She is an amazing teacher—approachable, funny, thorough, balanced.

I have worked with dozens of Twin Cities families and I have even helped parents with sleep shaping. I have two kids of my own who I have seen through many years of bedtimes. I would consider myself an expert on babies and sleep and night-time parenting…and yet, I still learned SO MUCH.

This class is different from the usual infant sleep dogma because it places an emphasis on the BABY’S needs rather than the parent’s wishes. That said, it also takes into consideration the unique dynamics of the particular family and even the ways in which the child’s temperament changes the rules of the game.

Lisa focuses on the biology of sleep so that parents understand where Baby is developmentally, where they are headed next, and how to help make those transitions more peaceful. It helps to know that the sleepless nights pass! It helps to understand the REASONS behind the infant sleep madness. Thinking of it all in terms of the child’s biological needs sheds a different light on the burdensome question, “Are they sleeping through the night yet?”

Knowledge becomes power; power becomes confidence; confidence becomes peace; peace becomes—inevitably—a deeper night of sleep for the entire family.

This is not some old-school teary, weary “baby-fixing” method. This is fascinating knowledge that will help you better understand your baby and go with the flow of your human family bio-rhythms.

I know this seems like a big shameless plug but honestly, I wish I had this class when I was in that first year…not because I had huge sleep woes, but because that first year is exhausting for everyone and this perspective would have soothed me immensely!

If you can, check it out!

With love and lullabies,

Doula Jen


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