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The Professional Postpartum Doula: What Does She Do?

While many people are starting to get used to the concept of a birth doula as the woman who serves the parents-to-be during the labor and delivery process, at Welcome Baby Care, we find there are still a lot of questions around Professional Postpartum Doulas and what they do. Part of our job is to educate expectant and new mothers on how a professional postpartum doula can help them flourish following the birth of their little one(s). So if you’ve had a few questions in your mind about what a postpartum doula is, what she does, and how she can help you, keep reading for a little Postpartum Doulas 101.

Let’s start with basic definitions. How is a postpartum doula different from a birth doula?

As they names would suggest, the birth doula is you helper during the birth. While some will also work with mothers directly following birth, their main role is to help get you ready for birth and then to assist and support you during delivery. We think birth doulas are invaluable and many of our postpartum doulas have also worked as birth doulas. In the same way that the birth doula comes along side you to assist you through the birth experience, your professional postpartum doula PPD assists you through the postpartum newborn phase.

What is so special about a Postpartum Doula?

As you are transitioning into parenthood (and even if you’re a seasoned veteran), you are going to need help. That doesn’t make you needy, it makes you normal. In the past women had the support and care of their families, neighbors and communities in ways that are increasingly rare in our society. Your doula comes in to fill the gap–helping with bonding and attachment, breastfeeding, and answering your questions. She listens. New parents can be driven to despair and depression stemming from fear and a sense of inadequacy. Your doula is there to remind you that you know what you are doing. She’s that extra set of hands or listening ear whenever needed.

What services do Welcome Baby Care Professional Postpartum Doulas provide?

In addition to the support and education, we are also there to help in a practical way. Each woman and each baby (or babies) have their own needs. From preemies to multiples to standard single births, we are there to help you as you want to be helped. You set the schedule for your visits. Need some sleep? Our overnight care is a lifesaver for exhausted parents. We also pitch in with the grunt work so that you can have more time to bond with your baby.

Have more questions about Professional Postpartum Doulas and how to find one? Check out the Welcome Baby Care FAQ page HERE or contact us HERE.

Have you used a postpartum doula? What was your experience? Share your insights with our readers in the comments section below!

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