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A Little Love for Doula Patti!

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I just had to write a quick note to tell you how much I loved the overnight shift last night. having someone there to burp/change my baby and get him back down to sleep was such a blessing. And I loved that Patti offered an idea for my very “noisy/busy/active” sleeper. Her tip helped Drew to sleep sounder for his second feeding and he is soundly sleeping right now without much as a peep out of him.

Your services have far exceeded what I expected and I am so pleased at the great care that my family has received from your doula’s. Even though I was half asleep last night, talking to Patti during feedings was so enjoyable as well. Getting an extra hour or two of sleep last night has made me feel like a different person this morning, and for that I am grateful!


-Anne, St. Louis Park

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