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What to Do When Postpartum Issues Hit

Postpartum depression support, as well as help for other common postpartum issues is readily available. Learn more about readily available resources.

postpartum issues

At Welcome Baby Care, one of our very reasons for existing is to provide the kind of support to new families in the postpartum season that can help prevent postpartum depression and other unwanted postpartum issues, both physically and mentally.

While stigma around postpartum mood disorders still exists, we’re glad to see that with each passing year, awareness and acceptance of some of these all-too-normal issues is increasing. That means women are more likely to get the help they need and spend less time suffering.

One of our aims with doula care is to provide the kind of physical, tangible support that helps turn down some of the pressure during those first few weeks and months with a newborn (or two, or three). What our work in the field has shown us is that moms who feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unsupported, are much more likely to suffer a postpartum mood disorder. While brain chemistry and post delivery hormones are definitely a factor in the equation, we recognize that often what a mom battling depression needs is someone to listen and offer help without question or judgment. That’s a big part of what our doulas do.

Admitting you are Experiencing Postpartum Issues

Postpartum Issues

The biggest hurdle in combatting postpartum depression and other mood disorders is simply admitting that they’re there. As moms, we want to be seen as perfectly well adjusted and overflowing with happiness in our new role. In reality, however, this is often not the case. Some of the finest parents didn’t take to the new job immediately, and many honest mamas will admit they weren’t wild about their newborns. That’s ok.

If you suspect that you might be battling more than the baby blues, then we recommend taking this quick self-assessment from Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota, an organization devoted to bringing awareness to postpartum issues and mood disorders.

Getting Help

Postpartum Issues

Their Get Help page provides extensive resources in the form of practitioners and community support. The important thing to remember is that regardless of your situation, your income level or your need, support is available to you and you are not alone. Even a call to their help line can help to ease a lot of the angst and tension.

Welcome Baby Care Postpartum Doulas step in with the tangible assistance that can help get things on track at home. One of the things we know is that when moms feel like they can’t “keep up” at home, they tend to isolate. This, of course, intensifies the problem and promotes further isolation. A depressed mom may be reluctant to bring a doula into the home because she’s afraid of being judged. This perception can keep her from getting the help she really needs and certainly deserves.

The truth is, we’ve seen it all. And we’ve also seen moms who were suffering come around to be great parents once they got the support they needed. If you’re struggling as a new parent of a newborn, our doulas are here to help. No judgment, no shame—ever. For more information on our services and how we provide postpartum depression support, contact us today.

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