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A Note From Your Doula: Love Ya!

By Doula Jen

valentine's dayHappy Valentine’s Day Mamas!

Today, I just want to love you up a little and pay tribute to the love that you yourself give—enormously—every single day.

I want to shed some bright pink light on what is often a thankless job—the folded socks, your affair with the breast pump, the unexpected vomit shower that you occasionally endure while cooing, “It’s gonna be O.K. You’re O.K.”

I want to give chocolates to your perfected bed time routine—bath, rubber ducky show, lotion, jammies, Goodnight Moon, that song from Mary Poppins, and a kiss. Gosh, you’re beautiful…

But you’re tired! Put your feet up and let me throw some red glitter over your worries—what preschool, what vitamins, what vaccine schedule, what to say about Grandma’s passing.

Curling ribbon too for the ridiculous games you play, the jokes you tell, the peek-a-boo, the acceptance of Elmo, the firm and steadfast defiance of Barney, the belly kisses, the ABCs. You are a love rockstar, Lady. Extra chocolate. And champagne too.

To the single moms:  I regard you with breathlessness. You are everything. You do it all and then periodically let go, arms empty and aching. Deployment, divorce, death, demands of work…however you got to this position, please know that you shine.

We’re in the business of welcoming baby, but our heart belongs to Mama. This may be the corniest Hallmarkian holiday, but if there were ever a person deserving of candlelight dinners, heart shaped balloons, and several dozen sonnets…it’s you, Mom.

With hugs and kisses and silly greeting cards with dancing hamsters,

Your Doula

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