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A Note From Your Doula: Sit This One Out

Dear Mamas,

holidays with new babyThis particular note could pertain to ALL mothers who tend to take on WAY too much this time of year. But let’s focus on the very NEW mamas — full of heart, full of breast, red around the eyes and teeming with hormones.

New Mama, you need to sit this one out. No headbands with reindeer antlers. No picture perfect Christmas card. No parties with people who will expect you to pretty it up. No commitments whatsoever. No elaborately cooked meals, unless they are delivered to your bed by your best friend or mother-in-law. No mall sales! No drama.

That’s a whole lot of “no.”

Here’s a little YES:

YES to the plate of cookies left on your doorstep. YES to gift bags! Who has time to wrap? YES to snuggling your babe while blubbering through It’s a Wonderful Life. YES to standing by the window at 2AM on a quiet night, watching the snow fall, singing your new go-to lullaby. This Song will remind you of your new little love for many years after this holiday season. If it be “Silent Night” let it be, if it be “Shake It Off” that’s cool too.

New Mama, we love you so much and we want you to enjoy your lying in and taking care as if it were NOT the so-called “most wonderful time of the year.” Be in your birth bubble and enjoy the sparkling tinsel from a safe distance.

With peace and love from your doula,


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