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Multiples Care – Breastfeeding twins, getting them to sleep, making sure everyone gets changed—these are no small feats. Here’s one way to make things a little easier…

Multiples Care

Ask any parent of twins who lived to tell the tale: What was the key to your success? We can guarantee that the majority will respond with answers like, “having ample help” and “getting everyone on a schedule.”

Picture this new family of twins: Baby A is hungry, so Mom feeds Baby A. As soon as that 20-30 minute process is complete, she hands Baby A to Dad for burping and prepares to feed Baby B. Then the Baby B handoff. Oh, but now Baby A needs a change. A few minutes later so does Baby B. Maybe there are some little snooze cycles in there, but each one on their own time. Look at the clock and wouldn’t you know, Baby A is ready for another feeding. And on and on ad infinitum.

Anyone would look at this scenario and see that it’s a recipe for exhaustion and desperation. But it traps more new parents of multiples than you might think. The answer? A fixed schedule that keeps the family on one track moving in one direction.

But is it healthy to put everyone on a rigid schedule? Don’t you need to go with Baby’s flow? Does multiples care have to be so unique? So regimented?

Multiples Care: More Than Just One, More Work

multiples care

Here’s the cardinal rule everyone needs to come back to: an exhausted, depleted mom is not a happy mom, nor is she a productive one. Breastfeeding twins takes quite a bit of energy and no amount of coffee is going to get your milk supply up if you’re not sleeping and eating properly.

Multiples care isn’t like caring for a singleton, “only more so.” It is truly it’s own animal, and as a result, it needs an approach that might not be necessary if you were working with a singleton. While all babies benefit from a semi-predictable schedule, for twins it’s the key to sanity, and making sure everyone eats, sleeps and gets changed.

Now, there’s no promise that everyone is going to cooperate immediately. And while the two babies are twins, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a mind of their own. But here is how we’d get started:

Begin by getting everyone up in the morning at the same time. Sure, maybe one is raring to go while the other is a sleepy head, but it’s time to start moving them in the right direction at the same time.

Both babies get changed then it’s time to feed. Whether by bottle or by breast, feed both. Note: if you’re uncertain about breastfeeding twins at the same time, sign up for our Breastfeeding Multiples class. Then proceed to your burping and napping routine.

You’ll find that perhaps one baby needs a little more food and another needs a little more attention. And there is room for those variances. Again, caring for and feeding twins is not a military exercise, but it does require some focus, discipline and planning.

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Remember, when it comes to multiples care, Welcome Baby Care is your resource. For more information, or to schedule in home postpartum doula care, contact us today!

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