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Preemie Postpartum Doula Care

Preemie Postpartum Doula Care

Preemie postpartum doula care is just one of the many services we offer at Welcome Baby Care. Our doulas receive additional training in the care of preemies and their parents and we’ve served many, many of these extraordinary families.

In many ways care of a preemie family looks just like regular doula care – we encourage rest, hydration, good nutrition, and bonding with the baby. It is that “baby moon” support that every family deserves.

Preemie Postpartum Doula Care

Bringing your preemie home:

Where our care differs is in our training to use special equipment such as an apnea monitor or a bilirubin bed. We know how to treat this homecoming – much to Mom and Dad’s relief – as any other Welcome Baby, but we also know how to look for signs of infection and complications sometimes associated with premature birth.

Perhaps the most significant way in which our care differs with preemie families is in the level of emotional support we provide. These parents are still shocked by the unexpected early delivery and they have often been scared silly by statistics and emergencies, as well as many talks with doctors.

If the baby was in the NICU, the parent often has a difficult time transitioning home. Going from a full-time staff of experienced nurses and specialists to the chaos of family life – visitors and germs, the rambunctious pet dog, the dishes in the sink – it can be pretty overwhelming. In a sense, we provide a weaning off of that stellar nursing care. And we’re always willing to talk through the birth experience and the “big emotions” associated with parenthood and especially preemie parenthood.

Preemie Postpartum Doula Care

With our preemie families, we strive to show the new parents that their baby is strong and resilient and – after NICU intervention – normal! We try to build the parents’ confidence while allowing safe space for them to be angry and scared…and grateful.


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