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Real Mom Stories: Bed Rest and “The Wait”

By Guest WBC Mom

At 31 weeks I was told that I was at risk for pre-term labor. I was even sent to the hospital for steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop, just incase she was born before 34 weeks. I was placed on immediate bed rest and my mom, dad, and husband got to work on the nursery right away! For all we knew, Baby Girl could be making her way into this world within minutes!

So, time went by. She didn’t actually make her way into the world for a while. Because of the scare, we had her nursery complete and beautiful quite early.

Many nights, my husband and I sat in the room—me in the glider wondering if it would be my last time sitting in the room without a baby. We would turn on the mobile and get anxious, emotional, excited…

Right before we headed to the hospital (only one day before her due date after all that worry!) we sat in her room, turned on the mobile, and said, with certainty, “Next time we come into this room it will be with our baby.”

I still remember the peaceful feeling we got every time we had “that moment.”

Now she’s one! As I deal with the craziness of day-t0-day motherhood, I still have those same moments in her sweet little room—now with her in my arms. I still turn on the mobile and sit in the glider. I remember those days before her arrival—worrying, wondering, waiting. Then I see her in my arms and I am at peace.



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