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Relationship Check-In

The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Bouncing baby is cuter and sweeter.  You can’t help but allow her sugar to fill your every thought.  However, it’s your mate who you’re stuck with for the long haul.  Babies become kids.  Kids go outside to play.  Kids become teens and teens want nothing to do with you.  Although baby seems better, make an effort to connect with your partner.  They need it, you need it, and your future depends on it.  

Checking In:

When is the last time you held hands?

Had sex?

Went on a date?

Had a long hug?

A long kiss?

When is the last time you shared your thoughts on current events?

The book on the bedside table?

The “Me and You” of your relationship without talk of who gets more sleep or who changes more diapers?

When is the last time you remembered the day you met?

Found your love?

Did a thoughtful little favor?

Took deep breaths and focused on the good?

Checking in should not be WORK, but sometimes you have to work to remember.  Go to it!


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