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Spotlight on Growing Green Babies

By Welcome Baby Care

Forgive us for shouting about the day we look forward to ALL YEAR! So very fun, so very Earth Day!

This year, the festival will include:

-The Great Cloth Diaper Change: a Guinness World Record event, officiated by the mayor of Edina

Diaper gift for every participant from Soft Bums and Rock-A-Bums

Little Sprouts Nursing Station from Enlightened Mama

-Sincerely FABULOUS door prizes and event bags

-a fun mini-class with Ensemble Music

Superstretch kid yoga

family and prenatal yoga with Blooma

planting projects

-arts and crafts


gifts and presentations from Bavia, Baby Grand, Amma, Smarty Pant Kids, Happy Family, Backyard Farm, and many more!  

The fun happens on April 20th. For more info…

go here! 



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