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The Art of the Little Love Note

It’s relationship month here at the blog!

Today, we give a shout out to an old doula standard — the little love note. We like to leave them for mamas throughout our shifts — just a few words of encouragement by the coffee pot or in the client binder.

  • You pumped three ounces?! WOW!
  • I know last night was rough, but today is a new day and you are an AMAZING mama!

Things like that.

This small gesture works wonders in your partnership as well, and it’s kind of fun. Just a little post-it goes a long way.

  • Hey Love — just thinking about our first date. Remember?
  • I love watching you with our baby. Thank you for being you!
  • Thank you for remembering to pick up milk! You rock!

Got it? You’re up, Shakespeare. Spread the love!


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