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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

5 Tips: First Post-Baby Date Night

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Husband who?  Time to reconnect…finally.  A big step.  Our advice?  Take it slow and keep expectations low.

  1. Set this date only when and if you’ve found a sitter (be it friend, family member, or professional) who you truly trust.  You won’t relax otherwise.
  2. Keep it simple.  This is not the time to get dressed up for an opera and a five-course dinner.  Start with an hour of bowling, a coffee and a pastry, a walk on the beach, or a burger at the local pub.  You will eventually graduate to the grandiose and the romantic (if that’s your thing).  Right now, you just need a moment of scheduled togetherness.
  3. No fighting.  Now’s not the time.  Who gets more sleep?  Who cares?  There is so little opportunity for fun and freedom with a baby in the house.  So, for one hour…be fun and free.
  4. Don’t be afraid to talk about the baby!  Of course she’s the center of your every thought and feeling.  This is new.  This is big.  This is wonderful.  Go with it.  You are meant to adjust to your new role as parent, not fit your baby into the life you knew before.
  5. Touch.  Skin on skin is not just for the newborn!  Moms and dads need the sweet rush of oxytocin as well.  You may not be ready to have sex, but holding hands goes a long way.

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