Up and Away! On the Airplane with Baby…

‘Tis the season to travel! By by plane, by car, by bicycle built for two…

Let’s start with plane — more specifically, airplane travel with your baby. This is something that TERRIFIES parents to the point of foregoing travel completely.

Don’t be scared. It is your right to visit, FLY and explore. So let’s get to it…

Our Best Tips for Airplane Travel with BABY:

  1. Nurse like crazy.  If you breastfeed, feel free to do so excessively — even if it’s awkward in the teeny tiny seats, even if the business man in 24C shifts uncomfortable in his seat. It makes Baby sleepy, it makes Baby happy AND the swallowing helps with that nasty change in ear pressure.

  2. Bring your carrier.  Walks up and down the aisle? So much easier with your wrap, carrier or sling.

  3. Finger foods.  Has Baby started solids? Dissolvable puffs and cereals keep Baby busy and engaged.

  4. Fear not screen time.  All bets are off. If kitty videos and cartoons keep Baby calm and happy, go for it.

  5. Don’t apologize.  Sure, it’s super cute when parents pass out treat bags to sweeten the other passengers’ pallet for a flight with a baby, but it is NOT necessary. Parents and kids occupy a huge percentage of the population. The rest of the world can suck it up and deal.


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