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Doula Love: Ellie’s Light

By Doula Tory

For the past 5 months, we’ve been helping a wonderful family navigate the wild world of twins. October is a rough month for the parents. It was at this time of year that they lost their beautiful daughter to a bacterial infection severely worsened by an improperly functioning spleen.

It has been a unique experience serving these parents and their delightful 4 year old son.

For this family, the crisp air and changing leaves bring about the most horrific of memories.  Anxiety is high in October as Mama in particular struggles to love the new babies and her older son (and ohhhh, how she loves them) without fear of loss.  “Nobody can get sick in October,” she says.

It has been our pleasure to hold her hand and vigilantly keep their house healthy as they bravely open their hearts to a growing family and new love.

Please, please, PLEASE head over to their website today—a lovely tribute to their sweet Ellie and her beautiful spirit.  Read her story and consider getting involved in one of the neat projects her parents have set up in hopes of keeping her light shining.

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