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Guest Post: Scheduling Life–Time Management For Children, Spouse, and Self by Patti Lustig

This guest post was submitted by Patti Lustig, Mission Control: Productivity and Accomplishment. For more information go to http://www.lustiggroup.com/ or email her: patti@lustiggroup.com.

You’re a new mom.  Maybe this is your first child or your fourth child.  You’ve chosen to stay at home or you’ve been at home for many years caring for your children.  You know you want to give everything you can to your children’s development, yet you wonder when or how you can get any time for yourself.

Many stay-at-home mothers pour all of their energy into caring for their children and spouse, paying little attention to their own needs and desires.  You may actually be more available emotionally to your children and spouse when you are aware of and actively engaging in those activities that give you a sense of personal fulfillment.  The only thing between you and having it all may be your calendar or lack of.  In other words do you plan your days, weeks, months, and years to include it all?

Most people use their calendar to simply schedule appointments and often stay-at-home-mothers operate their calendar exclusively around the children’s appointments.  This ends up giving them a life where they are always responding to whatever is immediate rather than making the choice of what they will do when.

My recommendation would be to determine what you want to be accomplishing each week related to yourself, your kids and your spouse.  For instance, you might have the daily and weekly tasks related to your children laid out on the calendar, along with cooking, cleaning, etc., and including what you want or need, i.e. massage, exercise, time with friends, personal shopping time, reading, researching business ideas, etc.  I recommend using a Google calendar where you can color code activities.  When everything is laid out for a week and month, be bold and request support from your spouse, mother, friends, neighbors, etc.  In the end you and your children will be happier and you will be setting the example of a woman who makes her needs and wants clear and lives a whole, balanced life.  Enjoy!

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