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How a Night Nurse Can Restore Your Sanity…and Other Small Miracles

Night Nurses Helping New Mom’s Get Some Much Needed Rest

Night Nurse

Hadn’t considered a baby night nurse? Here’s why you should.

Picture the scene…Your new baby has arrived. You’re ready for the diapers, the onesies and…the sleepless nights. Or maybe you’re several weeks into this game and your little one has staged an all-out sleep strike. Your batteries are depleted and you’re wondering if it is actually possible to go insane from lack of sleep.

A lack of sleep isn’t going to drive a new parent insane, though it may feel that way. But without a doubt, lack of sleep leads to a whole lot of problems that make parenting a whole lot less pleasant. Research also shows that sleep deprivation can increase anxiety and the occurrence of postpartum depression. There’s no way around it, new parents just need to sleep.

Easier said than done, you’re thinking. Try sleeping with a crying insomniac in the next room.

But this is what everyone goes through, right? Aren’t these just the new parent rites of passage?

Not necessarily. Being a new parent doesn’t have to mean being a martyr. Sleep is a basic human need and especially vital as you’re assuming the new role of mom and trying to heal from your birth. It’s not only something you need, it’s something you deserve.

Enter the Night Doula, the Night Nurse

Night Nurse

At Welcome Baby Care, we know that no matter how much you want or need that sleep, there’s no magic sleep fairy that’s going to come, wave her wand and send junior off to dreamland. But we’ve got the next best thing. We call them Night Doulas.

A Night Doula, or Baby Night Nurse, starts her shift just as you’re hoping to wind down. She shows up at your door and gets the rundown, and then she whisks you off to bed as she takes up her post for the night.

If you’re breastfeeding, your Night Nurse will bring Baby in just for feeding. Then you’re back to the Zzzs while she keeps watch. You wake up refreshed, recharged, and oh, there’s usually a healthy breakfast waiting for you as well.

If you can barely read the words on this page from baby-induced exhaustion. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. Find out how a Baby Night Nurse from Welcome Baby Care can help you get the sleep you need, so you can be the mom you want to be.

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