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A Note From Your Doula: I’ve Fallen For You

By Doula Tammy

happy doulaHello Moms and Dads,

Just stopping by to muse on this wonderful, chaotic, messy, demanding, amazing, inspiring, tiring, INTERESTING, and ultimately heart-warming career path I’ve chosen.

What surprises and delights me each and every time I step into your lives, hold your infant, and knock around your kitchen late at night is this:  I fall in love with you, hard and fast, each and every time.  Even though we may come from different backgrounds, cultures; though we may have different religious beliefs or parenting practices…I still find a commonality of motherhood and love.

I love chatting about real-life things and eventually, opening up that vulnerable place in the mama–finding the root of her fears and then helping her face them.

I love sharing breakfast after an overnight–like we all belong together.  Like I’m part of the family, like we’re all part of the a bigger picture, like we’re in this really cool club known as Motherhood.

How I completely delight in laughing about the changes that membership in this club inspires!  Those down and dirty body changes, the shift in priority, the way–for better or worse–we see our partners post-baby.

And speaking of partners and changes and new roles and new demands, I fondly remember mischievously sending a new Mom and Dad off to a hotel for the night, away from the babies and the chores, so that they may have sex–finally–completely alone and able to giddily surrender to the intimacy.  It’s all about the love, friends.

I also cherish the memory of a mama making a huge pot of borscht while I tended to the laundry.  She INSISTED that I eat a bowl before leaving for the day.  See, as I have LOVED you and your little ones, I have felt so much love in return.

With big hugs and smiles from your doula,


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