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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

5 Doula Moments That Never Get Old…

By Doula Mandi

Blog-folded-baby-laundryI love the sophisticated simplicity of this job. The 4th trimester is a BIG time of crazy change for the new mom and yet, the simplest things can keep her calm and happy as she transitions.

Here are 5 doula moments that come up often and NEVER get old. This is why I love what I do…

  1. Telling a mama that the baby has gained weight since my last visit. Mamas love to hear that their baby is thriving!
  2. Managing two hungry babies at once. I love doing this FOR Mama while she rests and I love SHOWING Mama that she can do it too.
  3. Getting at the bottom of the to-do list—those things that Mama has been meaning to do but will never get to. Changing the bedding, hanging the new curtains, cleaning and organizing the fridge, etc.
  4. Reassuring Mama about breastfeeding—Yes, some babies really do nurse that slowly.
  5. I love folding the baby laundry. Obviously, the tiny booties and hats and pants are adorable but beyond that there’s a satisfaction in knowing that Mama will come to the nursery dresser and find ample stacks of fresh, clean clothes after I’m gone.


Absolute joy to be there for you in these first few days, Mama!

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