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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Lactation Consultation – At Home!

By Welcome Baby Care

breastfeedingShortly after birth, the new mama usually gets some help breastfeeding — from the lactation consultants and nurses at the hospital, from the midwives and LCs at the birth center, or from their midwives and doulas at a home birth. These visits are great and usually help give some initial instruction and encouragement.

What about the next few days and the week after that, when the dirty diapers hit the fan? This is when baby is alert and voracious. This is when growth spurts happen, the real milk comes in, engorgement becomes an issue, and milk supply is at stake.

A mama may feel lost when she can’t just hit the call button and instantly have 4 – 6 pairs of hands helping her get babe to breast.

Enter the in-home lactation consultant.

This extensively trained professional assesses the full picture where breastfeeding happens — in the home.

A Welcome Baby Care in-home lactation visit lasts up to 3 – hours and truly gives the new parents everything they need to proceed with breastfeeding successfully. The breastfeeding area is audited for comfort and ease — the LC might set up extra pillows, a stool, a basket of snacks and magazines. She will discuss the mother’s health — sleep deprivation and the effect on breastfeeding, diet, and emotional issues. She will cover various nursing positions — teaching the mother how to hold her baby in different ways and discussing the proper latch.

Learning to breastfeed at home just makes sense. We’re honored to provide this service.


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