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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Why Our Postpartum Doula Training Rocks

By Welcome Baby Care

Classroom1Our educators have created, recreated and fine tuned our one-of-a-kind program. Here are JUST A  FEW of the benefits:

  • Private mentoring with our director of certification. She’s only the nicest person in the whole wide world and an AMAZING doula in her own right. She holds your hand through every last step.
  • One price covers all materials, all side certifications, everything you need. No running off to buy anything. No separate one-time fee, no monthly or yearly membership fee.
  • We provide hands on experience via Pro Bono work and shadow shifts with experienced doulas.
  • We schedule and host your CPR training.
  • We welcome you to check out any book from our extensive lending library.
  • We offer different pathways for those who already have some experience. Maybe you already have CPR training. Maybe you’re a nursing student or a La Leche League Leader. We find a way to utilize your existing skill set toward your education as a doula.
  • We help you get this done quickly! Our goal is to get you fully trained, certified and working in just six weeks. This is not a “left to your own devices” program.
  • Coursework is spread out over a week rather than one intense weekend workshop — an easier schedule for those with kids and/or other daytime responsibilities.
  • Our material is fresh and updated and we continue to update as new research becomes available.
  • Our doulas are amazing and they’re here for you! You have the opportunity to attend our meetings and pick the brains of those who have been helping moms and babies for many years.

For more info and the schedule of our upcoming training, click here.

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