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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Pregnant Party Alternatives

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

As if 9+ months of waiting for baby isn’t hard enough, there are restrictions on everything from sushi to hair dye.  Some folks adhere to these recommendations religiously, some pick and choose, and others ignore the warnings occasionally for the sake of moderate indulgence and celebration.  Whether you follow doctor’s orders or take them with a grain of salt, here are a couple of alternatives to get you through the gestational no-no’s.

1.  Luncheon meat  While Listeria, the concern here, is rare, it is serious for pregnant women.  How to scratch the itch for cold, salty meat?  Cooked and cooled bacon or chicken.  Prepare yourself and have on hand for a home-made cold pantry sandwich.

2.  Sushi  Try a veggie roll…cucumber and avocado.  Some restaurants also have a chicken teriyaki roll.  While you’ll miss the variety of fish, you’ll still get your wasabi and soy sauce fix.

3.  Booze  Miss your weekend Margarita?  Make it a virgin and pretend, or whip up some fancy smoothies with a pretty umbrella.  Sparkling juice is also yummy.  Or go all out and have a milkshake!  Often, a cocktail is just a reason to sit back, relax, and chat.  Don’t give up the feet up, fun time festivity that comes with a tasty drink.

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