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Probiotics For Colic, Infant Reflux, and More…

By Welcome Baby Care

Many of the babies we meet have allergies, eczema, colic, or gas. They struggle with constipation and then have huge “blow out” poops. They spit up often and they are diagnosed with reflux. They have early colds and fevers or even chronic congestion. Though all of these conditions have become common, they are not normal.

Even the most health-conscious breastfeeding mama doesn’t eat the “perfect” diet…and that’s OK! In our American culture, how can you expect her to? What she may not realize, however, is how deeply her diet affects Baby’s health and how easy it is to help Baby’s gut maintain optimal health.

Probiotics. Easy-peasy. What you naturally find in yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods like sauerkraut. What they do is maximize the good bacteria and help eliminate the bad. Probiotics also help combat the build up of yeast, which—when occurring in excess—tends to tax the body and cause other health problems.

Gut health is crucial and can eliminate all of these other problems commonly plaguing today’s babies.

Here’s how you start finding your way to digestion balance and a happier, healthier baby:

Mama’s diet—if possible, moderate or eliminate intake of sugar, gluten, and dairy. Just cut down. If you can’t, so be it…either way, add probiotic supplement to your diet. Consider kombucha and sauerkraut as additions to your meals in addition to supplementation by powder or pill.

Direct to baby—get a mild, child-friendly probiotic powder. Moisten your finger and coat it with the powder, then let baby suck it off. You can also coat your nipples before breastfeeding or add the powder to a bottle.

You will see results in even the fussiest baby! Happy bacteria balancing!

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